FUTABA CORP specializes in the manufacture of personalized towels.

We specialize in the manufacture of custom-made towels of various sizes, including special-order promotional towels.

Osaka, Japan – the home of original towel manufacture

Towels are an indispensable part of our lifestyles. Your design can be printed as you intend onto towels of the highest quality – whether in small or large quantities – to serve as a promotional tool or an effective form of advertising. In addition to the standard printing methods, we offer various other techniques with which to produce your custom-made towels. We also manufacture custom-made towels for the retail and resale industries.

What is a custom-made towel?

Our towels are made with the technology, backed by many years of experience and achievements. In response to the needs of our customers, we provide services of “The Quality of Made in Japan” in all areas of production, to include planning, weaving, bleaching and dyeing.
The towels we manufacture are of premium quality. They are used at various events, as commemorative giveaways and as merchandise sold in retail outlets. Your company logo, trademark or advertisement can be applied to a towel in the form of a unique design.
We are committed to advising you on the type of towel that is best suited to your design and to your budget - whether it be a hand towel or a beach towel. We look forward to receiving any enquiries that you may have.

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We offer 4 options for personalization of towels (that is, 4 ways in which your own design can be applied to a towel).

When producing a personalized towel, there are a number of factors to consider. These include the number of colors required for the design, the finish of the towel and the techniques best suited to your design. We will advise on the method we consider to be the best option for your requirements.


BOUSEN towel

This is a technique based on the ancient art of Kyoto-Yuzen dyeing, a method that gained popularity in Japan. A simple technique involving a single color on white, it is known for its superb depth of color. BOUSEN printing can be used to create highly original towels.

Dye-printed towel

Dye-printed towel

This technique can be used with up to 8 colors. It can achieve excellent sharpness even in the most detailed designs. The towels are subjected to a washing process at the final stage of manufacture, giving them an extremely soft texture.

Pigment-printed towel

Pigment-printed towel

This method is ideal for the likes of company logos and character illustrations, and achieves a faithful and sharp representation of the designs. The technique involves the use of resin, which creates a texture a little harder than that of other towels. In terms of color robustness, we do not recommend this method for designs with strong colors.

NASEN towel

NASEN towel

This technique involves dyeing colors only onto the latitudinal threads (weft) of the towel. It is the type of towel commonly used in Japan. NASEN towels have been used for many years in Japan's hot spring facilities.

4 options of printing method 7 different shapes of towel your original design limitless options for creating a towel unlike any other!

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What makes our towels unique

From hand towels to bath towels and "scarf" towels, we have the means to take on any type of request. Bring your images to life with our reliable technology!

The formats of towel that we offer

-Mini handkerchief
    (20 cm x 20 cm, 25 cm x 25 cm)
-Oshibori refresher towel
    (40 - 43 cm x 29 cm)
-Hand towel (36 cm x 34 cm)
-Face towel (86 - 95 cm x 34 cm)
-Sports towel (110 cm x 40 cm)
-Scarf towel (100 - 123 cm x 20 cm)
-Bath towel (120 - 135 cm x 60 - 73 cm)
-Other: Tenugui face towel, T-shirt

Quality and speed: delivery direct from the manufacturer

As a manufacturer specializing in towels, FUTABA CORP has for over 80 years built on its tradition, accumulating a wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology.
We maintain consistently high levels of quality and speed of delivery. Whether it be for novelty towels or promotional giveaway, commemorative or other goods for sale, we have enjoyed a positive response to our quality and our prices that can be offered only by a manufacture.

Osaka Senshu Towel

Our unique atozarashi (dyeing, breaching and soaking after weaving) towels are hygienic, soft and highly absorbent.

Since 1887, Senshu, Osaka has been the core location of towel manufacture in Japan. Over 100 makers work daily to develop new products.

One of Osaka Senshu Towel manufactures, FUTABA CORP is actively involved in the development of innovative technology for towels.